i wish that i just shipped the popular ship so i wouldn’t have to work so goddamn hard

takes place in a historical bubble of indeterminate everything aka belgium

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If anyone feels the need to challenge any of my historical accuracy/military strategy/physiological probability, I beg you to please first check out my own giant fucking pit of existential angst and despair and understand that I, too, question the intelligence of every fucking thing I've written here.

aka research, motherfuckers, yeah i do it.

newsies - kings, thieves, and exiles (part 3/3)

aww yeaaaah kids are you ready for more of these motherfuckin politics??, protip number 3: you can read this as social commentary but this actually works really well as a direct analogy to the differences between public/private BT trackers, canon anachronisms included but i'd like to express my stiff-lipped reluctance in doing so, pre-canon Jack is a parochial self-absorbed bully, one of canon's primary points in developing his character is ridding him of this, this chapter is about giving up the things you love for the things you want

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DVD Extra: Notes/Research/Commentary/Dump

newsies - kings, thieves, and exiles (part 2/3)

more notes & tags, as you do:

and now for an intermission where we talk about our feelz, get those feelz organs ready kids, because fuck worldbuilding and politics this is the shit that really matters, wait what am i saying i love worldbuilding and politics, trolololo, protip number 2: the 1800s shat on pretty much everyone, accordingly: implications of child abuse, i won't blame you for reading this as slash but you'd be missing a pretty important thematic point, actually its intended to be read as confused one-sided teenaged-boy-feelings so i guess we all win

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newsies - kings, thieves, and exiles (part 1/3)

additional tags and/or warnings, if you're into that sort of thing:

i hope you like politics, seriously i hope you like politics, the gritty reboot as directed by Martin Scorsese, violence murder and betrayal, these nicknames are ridiculous, casual racism by white people against other white people, protip: they weren't terribly nice to women in the 1800s, fact checked to death and still broken, speaking of broken: third person omniscience is hard, the more you know: brooklyn was its own city until 1898, this is important, "the king of new york" being an embarrassingly literal title now

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